🌟 CV

Hello. I'm a highly experienced software developer, technical leader, and open source contributor. I get particularly excited about tools that make developer's lives simpler. I have a particular focus on Containers, Kubernetes, Knative, Security and Technical Leadership.


  • Technical Oversight Committee, Knative
  • Security Working Group Lead, Knative
  • Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM


Technical Oversight Committee & Security Working Group Lead, Knative

Elected to the TOC of the Knative project. I also co-Lead the Knative Security Working Group. As well as being responsible for the technical health and direction of the project, I have contributed many features including Domain Mapping, Scale Down Delay and Background Image Digest Resolution, as well as many general and performance improvements. I also work extensively with the IBM Code Engine team to deploy Knative in production on Kubernetes.

Technical Lead, Cloud Foundry Containers team

I was the technical leader and later product manager and project lead of the Cloud Foundry linux containers team. I led the succesful rewrite of the project to use the new "Open Containers Initiative" (OCI) specification and reference implementation ("runc").

Project Lead, Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes (Eirini) project

I founded the Eirini team, which became the core of the effort to rebase Cloud
Foundry on Kubernetes. I built the initial proof of concept, brought the
community on board with the idea, and led a team of engineers from Pivotal, IBM, SAP and Google to deliver the project.


  • Doctor of Engineering, Large Scale Complex IT Systems, University of York.
  • Master of Engineering, Computer Science, First Class Honours, University of Warwick.

Skills & Interests

  • Kubernetes, Knative, Containers, Security.
  • Golang, Ruby, JavaScript, Java, Rust.
  • TDD, Agile Techniques, XP, Technical Leadership.
  • Good Science Fiction, Meditation, Peloton, The entire works of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffer (I have a one year old daughter..).


  • Lots of speaking experience
  • Irregular blogger